Weighing Scale / CZL 601 AC

Description :-

Model CZL 601AC (Table Top - Green Label) is strain gauge based Load Cellconstructed from Aluminum Alloy for high Accuracy. It is mainly used in check weighing. Suitable for Platter size upto 400mm X 400mm.

Wiring Scheme :-
Red Excitation +
Black Excitation -
Green Signal +
Yellow Signal -
Features :-

Aluminum-alloy, Colourless anodized, Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65.

Supports Platter size upto 400mm X 400mm

Easy to mounting

High Accuracy

Dimensions - 130x22x40 mm (Thread Hole : 6-M6)

Applications :-

Mainly used for Bench scale

Price computing scale

Retail scales Electronic counting scales

check weighing scales etc.

Standard Specification
Standard Capacities (Kg.) 80, 120, 150, 200
Nominal Output 2.0 ± 0.1 mV/V (millivolt per Volt)
Precision C2 / C3 (0.017% & 0.02% FSO comprehensive error)
Excitation Voltage 9 VDC - Maximum 12 VDC
Platter Size 400mm x 400mm
Safe Load 120% of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Non Linearity <±0.03% of FSO (Full Scale Output)
Creep (30 minutes) <±0.025% of FSO
Zero Balance <±1% of FSO
Input Resistance 400 ± 10 ohms
Output Resistance 350 ± 5 ohms
Insulation resistance Above 5000 Mega ohms
Temp. Compensation -100C to +400C
Temp. Effect on zero & span < 0.03% FSO/100C
Material Alluminium alloy, Colourless anodized
Cable 4mm, 2mts

Dimension (mm) : Size: 130x40x22(mm) Thread hole: M6, CTC 15mm