Special Applications / 90610-B

Description :-

90610-B is strain gage based force sensor with temperature compensation over 0 - 60 deg.C.

This is low profile button type pancake force transducer.

As a renowed and leading Button Load Cell manufacturer, supplier and dealer in India we have supply and manufacture Button Load Load Cell in various cities and states of India such as, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, New Delhi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, etc. and exporting other countries like Malaysia, China, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Electrical Termination :-
Red Excitation +
Black Excitation -
Green Signal +
Yellow Signal -

Model :- 90610-B

Capacity :- 0 - 50 Kgf to 0 - 450 Tf

Load Direction :- Compression only

Type :- Pancake Load CZL

Application :-

Civil Structure Testing

Force & Impact Testing

Hopper , Tank , Silo Weighing

Impact Force in Crash Test

Industrial Automation Equipments

Pharmaceutical Machines

Recoil Force in Rocket Engine Test

Crash Test Dynamometer

Force in Product Testing

Hydraulic Press Testing

Impact Measurement

Low Profile Floor Scale

Press Force Checking and Calibration

Features :-

It is laser welded with IP-68 protection.

It is very light weight and easy to install.

Industries :-


Fertilizer , Cement , Chemical , Steel industries

Material Testing

Force & Reference Standard Metrology Laboratory






Egineering & Technical Institutes


Automation Machineries