Weigh Bridge | 70210

Description :-

70210 double ended shear beam load cell is low profile and is strain gage based for Tank,Silo,Hopper weighing.

It is made from high alloy tool steel for heavy over load and impacts. Gage area is fully protected for IP 68 protection class.

Electrical Termination :-
Red Excitation +
Black Excitation -
Green Signal +
Yellow Signal -

Model :- 70210

Capacity :- 0-2.5Tf to 0-100Tf

Load Direction :- Tension & Compression - Universal

Type :- weigh-bridge-70210

Application :-

Hopper , Tank , Silo Weighing

Steel Weigher

Truck Weighing

Onboard Weighing

Tensile Testing

Industries :-


Features :-

End mounted and center loaded design provides better stability and accuracy. It is temperature compensated for 0 - 60 Deg.C.

Mounting Hardware :-

This Load cell can be provided with optional mounting module WM - II.